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One of the first French asset management boutiques

façade immeubleAs a pioneer of Value investing in Europe starting in the 1990s, François-Marie Wojcik teamed up with Isabel Levy in 2002 to create METROPOLE Gestion, one of the first independent French asset management company specialising in stock picking (European and euro zone equities), bond picking (euro zone bonds) and diversified portfolio management (convertibles and dedicated funds).

METROPOLE Gestion has built a comprehensive product range centred on a single philosophy known as Value investing: the selection of Value stocks with catalysts. This concept, introduced in Europe by François-Marie Wojcik in the late 1990s and subsequently refined by Isabel Levy, consists in purchasing a stock below its actual value, whereby investors can minimise risks and optimise profitability in the medium term.

Today, drawing on its recognised, highly effective management approach and its success with investors, METROPOLE Gestion is one of the leading French asset management boutiques.

Independence: the key to sustainability

  • The majority of the company's capital is owned by the founders and employees.
  • A robust, healthy balance sheet.

Trusted by professional investors in France and abroad

METROPOLE Gestion predominantly targets professional investors.

In France, the company offers its products to Institutional investors (pension funds, insurance funds, supplementary insurance companies, insurance companies) and private banks, Investment advisors and funds of funds managers.

Outside France, METROPOLE Gestion sells its funds in Switzerland, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, the UK and Sweden. It also has its sights set on the Middle East.

A proven profile

  • A company with convictions
  • Over 14 years of performance
  • A consistent performance profile


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