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French limited company with a capital of € 1 200 000
Registered office : 9, rue des Filles Saint Thomas 75002 Paris, France
Portfolio management company approved by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) on 21 october 2002 under n° GP 02 026

Head of publication and chief editor : François-Marie Wojcik
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Purpose of the website : To inform

The information available on this website is of a purely informative nature, its purpose being to describe the activities of METROPOLE Gestion and the main characteristics of the mutual funds which it manages.

The information contained on this website does not constitute an offer of products or services that can be assimilated to a public call for savings or an activity of prospecting or soliciting for the purchase or sale of transferable securities or any other portfolio management or investment product, nor does it constitute inducement or advice to make an investment in or trade in transferable securities or any other portfolio management or investment product.

The information provided is subject to change at any time by Metropole Gestion in accordance with prevailing regulations.

Performances - Indices

Past performances are not indicative of future performances, vary over time and in no way constitute a guarantee of future performance or capital.

In terms of performances, no benchmark indices have been defined. Indices are provided purely for information purposes and retrospectively.

References to past rankings and awards are not indicative of future rankings and awards.

The descriptive information and analysis provided have been obtained from sources that are considered reliable but are in no way the responsibility of Metropole Gestion.

Allocation of earnings: the benchmark indices mentioned on this website and the benchmark indices of Metropole Gestion’s mutual funds are calculated exclusive of dividends. Metropole Gestion’s mutual funds are capitalisation funds (inclusive of dividends).


The prospectus for each mutual fund is available on the website. Any subscription for a mutual fund should be made after having read the relevant regulatory documents.

Other regulatory documents are available on request from Metropole Gestion, 9, Rue des Filles Saint Thomas, 75002 Paris, France.

Investing in products can entail risk and since the value of a share or unit in a mutual fund of the SICAV or FCP type is a reflection of the securities and assets held, and as such subject to stock market fluctuations.

Prior to any investment decision, investors should check with their usual advisors that access to our products is not subject to restrictions with respect to their legal status, and in particular that they are not nationals of a country whose laws prohibit or regulate access to certain products.

The website’s official language is French. It is subject to French law and jurisdiction.

The products and services described on this website can be subscribed for solely in the jurisdictions in which their commercialisation and promotion are authorised.

Metropole Gestion may not be held responsible for any decision made on the basis of information contained on the website, nor for any use that might be made of it by third parties.

Readers of this message are asked to ensure that they are legally authorised to log on to this website in the country in which the connection is made.

Investors are also advised to define the allocation of their assets with respect to their investment objectives, constraints and horizons. Metropole Gestion particularly recommends that investors verify the selected mutual fund’s investment horizon and its investment category as specified in the prospectus, relative to their objectives and constraints, including those of a regulatory nature.

Intellectual property

This entire website is the property of Metropole Gestion. The databases that are included are also the exclusive property of Metropole Gestion. The website’s content is protected by prevailing law in the areas of intellectual property and copyright. The content is available for private, non-collective use.

Any representation or reproduction, whether whole or in part, particularly of logos, brand names, illustrations or photographs, made without the consent of Metropole Gestion is illicit and constitutes counterfeiting.

It is forbidden to insert hypertext links without the prior authorisation of Metropole Gestion. Such authorisation may however be given by Metropole Gestion upon request to the development department at 9, Rue des Filles Saint Thomas, 75002 Paris, France.

The Metropole Gestion website contains links to third-party websites. Accessing these links closes the Metropole Gestion website. The target websites are not under the control of Metropole Gestion, which is therefore not responsible for their content, the links that they contain or updates that are made to them


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