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A comprehensive approach

METROPOLE Gestion has adopted a process which demonstrates its total commitment to social, environmental and governance criteria.

From the beginning, the company has always felt it is important to take part in community initiatives. For example, it supports the "METROPOLE Solidarité" association to provide disadvantaged youths with cultural opportunities. It patronizes the arts by acquiring works from the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris and the Musée des Confluences in Lyon. It also supported the restoration of the glass roof of the Salon d’Honneur in the Grand Palais, in order to develop the national heritage, symbol of transparency and sustainability.

In an effort to promote respect for the environment, the implementation of best practices cut our paper consumption by 30%. We also make efforts to recycle paper, plastic and batteries. Furthermore, environmental criteria are incorporated into our supplier specifications. For example, we use PEFC-certified paper and our electricity consumption is offset by the use of renewable energy.

Lastly, an employee-supportive governance policy was set up at the company's inception, with an employee shareholder programme, the majority of the company's capital owned by the METROPOLE Gestion team and a profit-sharing plan. The goal of gender parity has been exceeded: 57% of the staff are women, 70% of whom are executives.


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